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Ensure Your Data Is Safe

No third party will get access to your information when you are using our VPN service.

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Take it on the go

Now you are able to use our VPN client when you are traveling! Even if you are in another country, you can keep up with home subscriptions and other streaming services!

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No Country Misses Out

No matter where you live or visit, the ChoiceVPN VPN service is there to keep you safe with a dual layer of encryption.

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All the security in one privacy plan:

Get twice the security when connecting to the net

With the best level of encryption of any VPN, we protect your identity and location information 100% of the time.

Lightning Speed Server Power

Our servers are always operating at 100 percent efficiency, ensuring you have a smooth streaming and downloading experience.

No Hands!

It only takes a few minutes to setup our VPN client on your devices, as it installs the necessary security features automatically

Zero Logging

We will ensure that no third party ever accesses your information. And we keep no logs of your browsing data either.

Shuts down when you need it to

Say the VPN connection on a device breaks. With the ChoiceVPN VPN client, you can choose to disconnect that device from the internet when that happens.

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